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Sid Ceaser
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above photos: Ed Dekker


I love photographs. The preservation of time and space and moment. I love light, and how light reflects and interacts with subjects. I love the act of creation, and for me, the outlet I cherish most is with photography. I love photographing people. So much so, that when I'm not photographing people, I'm photographing things that look like people. I love portraiture.

I graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Art in 2004 with a BFA in Fine Art Photography. My photography studio is located in an old Mill building along the Nashua River in Nashua, NH. In 2003 I became represented by McGowan Fine Art. For a while, I served as the Executive Director for City Arts Nashua - a non profit who believes in the importance in keeping art alive in the community. A belief I stand behind. I share my life with someone who loves photography just as much as I do.

I shoot primarially digital capture, but still occasionally shoot film when the moment inspires me. All of my printing is done digitally on large format archival inkjet printers here at the studio.

I am available for all manner of people photography; creative portraiture, head shots, modeling, corporate, high school seniors, and commericial and editorial work.

Ceaser Photography | Sid Ceaser Fine Art | Plastic Camera Studio

Sara Prindiville Photography | The Last Spartans project | the Picker Building studios

Artists Resume

Clients: Martignetti Companies of NH | Yellow Taxi Productions | City Arts Nashua
Culver Companies | Americas for the Arts | McGowan Fine Art | New Hampshire Institute of Art
C.C. Homes | Picker Building Studios | Hippo Press


Sid Ceaser /
Ceaser Photography
99 Factory Street Extension, 4th Floor
Nashua, NH 03060
(603) 821-3812
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