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27th-Nov-2009 07:58 am - Portraits of the family
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Roscoe, originally uploaded by Sid.Ceaser.

The only talent that has ever pooped in my studio.

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16th-Nov-2009 10:39 pm - the NEW www.ceaserphotography.com
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A short while ago I finally relaunched my portrait website. This had been a long time coming. Up until now, I had my portraits sharing space at my sidceaserfineart.com website, which was always intended to be just for my fine art work.


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1st-Nov-2009 09:03 am - Portable Portrait workshop
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Poster :: Portable Portrait, originally uploaded by Sid.Ceaser.

The final Portable Portrait workshop of the season took place on Saturday, October 24th here in Nashua NH. We had a small group, and the all-day rain was actually a secret blessing, as it caused me to seek out new locations in Nashua, mainly in the form of public parking garages, which provided some serious inspiration, as well as some really crazy wall colors.

We had a small group, and we shot well into the evening.

I want to thank those who attended, and especially thank Rob F for being our model for the day - he totally kicked butt, and was more than happy when we started asking him to jump around! Fantastic guy. Fantastic model.

I also got some really great images that I can use for marketing for next years round of workshops.

Here is a slideshow of images:

To see them separately, click here

1st-Nov-2009 08:53 am - Ben Slavin :: A Few More Miles
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Ben Slavin :: A Few More Miles, originally uploaded by Sid.Ceaser.

I met Ben Slavin when I held the first Southern NH strobist Meeup back in May of this year. He came up with the "group shot of the year" and he ended up taking some great shots that day.

He emailed me a few months ago to let me know about his newest adventure. Ben will be riding his Kawasaki KLR650 down through the United States, riding down to the southern most city in the world – Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) Argentina. On a motorbike!! Crazy!

As soon as Ben told me about his adventure I wanted to do what I could to help him remember the event. I had the opportunity to take some photographs of Ben two days before his trip started. We met near some farm land in Bedford NH, and we took some simply lit portraits of him and his motorbike.

For those wishing to follow Ben on his adventure, check him out over at his website A Few More Miles.

I wish Ben the best of luck on his 6+ month journey, and hope he finishes his trip safely and in good health. If his bike is still running when he returns, we'll be taking an "after" photograph of them together, after their amazing journey.

Here is a slideshow of selected images from our session:

To see the set click here

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In our second podcast, Sid relates how his fourth "Portable Portrait" workshop went well despite the rain. Dave describes how he started selling his Emergent Task Planner pads through Amazon Fulfillment, and discusses cost issues. Sid summarizes an afternoon shoot for a local skeptic, which becomes a discussion over the difficulty of pricing services such that the consumer can understand them. Finally, Sid tries to convince a skeptical Dave that "Brotherhood of the Wolf" is an awesome movie.

Click here to listen, or right-click and "save as" to save.
23rd-Oct-2009 10:38 am - Podcast: Episiode 1
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After the umpteenth animated discussion about how to make this "creativity" thing work, my buddy Dave Seah and I decided to do a podcast. So yesterday we pointed microphones at each other and chewed the fat for about an hour, covering such topics as photographer Chase Jarvis and his inspiring creed on creativity, sharing, and sustaining, Lindsay Lohan's sudden aging, and Dave's brief history in professional game development. Sadly, our inaugural session was marred by mysterious digital noise intermittently spread throughout the recording; instead of doing the minimal edit that Dave had hoped, He strung together 20 minutes of the surviving material into one conversation that covers, loosely, creativity and business. The session kicks off with my story about photographing Ben Slavin, whom I met at the Southern NH Strobist meetup (a great image that Ben took of us during the meetup is here, prior to Ben's motorcycle ride to the tip of South America, and from there we get into a general discussion about:

.  How "being a part of it" is an important drive behind doing some of the creative things we do.
.  The balance between the need to do art versus the necessity of commercializing it.
.  Finding what you want to say and what you love to do, and having the guts to follow through.
.  Daring to find your niche and stick to it.

This is, we hope, the first in a series of podcasts. We don't have a name yet, nor do we have a particular focus, but I imagine we'll be spending a lot of time talking about the people we know who are inspiring us, and what we're doing ourselves to continue to be "a part of it." We're making it up as we go along.

Enjoy! Comments and suggestions welcome.

Click on the link to the right to listen --->  right-click here to download file


20th-Oct-2009 06:09 pm - Agent's Sales Journal :: October 2009
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A few months back I was hired by Agent Media based out of Florida to photograph Thomas K. Bruekner, CLTC, President/Chief Executive Officer of Senior Financial Resources, Inc. for their Agent's Sales Journal industry magazine.

We did some shooting in Thom's office in Nashua, as well as in the lobby of Indian Head Plaza where his office is located.

Keeping things simple, I used two speedlights. I had one to camera right in a 28" Westcott Apollo, and I had a 2nd light off to camera left, somewhat behind Thom with a small grid on it to give him a bit of rim, and to separate him from the background. Easy Peasy. The shoot was done within 30 minutes if I remember correctly. Then the images were mailed down to Florida and their crack designers enhanced the image a touch and it was ready for print.

Here is a scan of the page.

This shoot led to a second shoot with Thom a few months later

20th-Oct-2009 06:04 pm - Yearbook :: Rachel
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Rachel :: Flowers, originally uploaded by Sid.Ceaser.

Catching up on blog posts. . .

Back in July I did Rachel's yearbook photos. The weather was great, the light was great, and Rachel did a grand job posing for images.

We did two shoots that day; in-studio and on location. I think we got some killer images, and both Rachel and her mum, Barbara, were very happy with the results.

:: Slideshow ::

To see all of the proofed images from Rachel's session, check 'em out here:

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Imagine this: You are on a location shoot, and you don't have an assistant. Just you and the client, and a nice strong gusty wind. You either forgot, or simply don't have sandbags. Here is one option you can try, and you more than likely already have the necessary requirements:

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6th-Oct-2009 10:32 pm(no subject)
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This past weekend, October 3rd and 4th was Nashua's annual "Art Walk" event.

Art Walk is an open studios event that allows visitors to venture inside working studios and businesses and meet, chat, and maybe purchase some of the local artist and artisan works and experience all kinds of visual and performing arts.

This year, I opened the studio up with a special promotion: free social media profile portraits for your social networking websites. Lots of people use Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and more, and I feel that everyone should be able to have a nice profile picture to go along with those sites.

By visiting the special Art Walk page I created on my website, Art Walk visitors who had their picture taken can download a medium sized image and upload it to various social networking sites.

I had an extreme number of visitors over the weekend!

Sid photographing Perry Spearman, of the Town Planner Community Calendar.

Saturday had a bit of rain, but luckily the Picker Building is a destination because of all the various studios scattered among the four floors in the building. Visitors could stay for a few hours, wait out the rain, and visit dozens of studios and businesses.

On Sunday, the sun came out and made a beautiful day for anyone who wanted to walk and take in local culture.

Here is a slide show of some of the visitors who stopped by over the weekend:

To view the complete set of images, visit my flickr page

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend to visit the studio.  I had a blast, and the weekend FLEW by.


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