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The Portable Portrait Workshop: 2010

The new Portable Portrait Workshop website is live! Check out our new dates for April and May 2010!... New this year: workshops being held in Nashua at Ceaser Photography Studio, and our partnership with Glass and Gear Photographic Rentals who will be providing gear for the workshop students to use! How awesome is that!! Visit the new website at www.portableportrait.com and our new Facebook Fan Page. Register now! A fantastic hands-on workshop that gets you shooting on location!!

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Love Lust Desire Reception tonight, and Simon Gerzina Photo Workshop

Two quick things to note in the last few posts that are coming up:

Feb. 5th 2010 5-7pm Opening Reception for Love, Lust & Desire at McGowan Fine Art www.mcgowanfineart.com come visit with some of the artists and maybe go home with an affordable piece of art for your loved ones!

Feb. 20 & 21 10-6pm Portrait & Fashion Lighting Workshop by Simon Gerzina Photography we have a few more spots open for the two-day workshop by NYC fashion photographer Simon Gerzina.  I'll be hosting Simon's workshop at my photography studio.  This is a great chance for local photographers to get educated by a professional fashion and portrait photographer who makes his livelihood off of his craft.  The first day will cover basic portrait lighting setups, and the second day will focus on fashion photography and dealing with modeling agencies and all the good stuff.  For more information visit www.simongerzina.com or www.ceaserphotography.com/worshops.html  I'm really excited by the thought of being able to bring these workshops to my area, so hopefully we can get enough students for this one for it to run!

New dates will be coming for the 2010 Portable Portrait workshop, as well as a new shiny website for it too.

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Love, Lust & Desire II :: the exhibition

Love, Lust & Desire II, originally uploaded by Sid.Ceaser.

This years Love, Lust & Desire exhibit is gearing up at McGowan Fine Art up in Concord. A fantastic exhibit of smaller-sized artworks loosely based on either Love, Lust, or Desire.

Come to the opening reception, say hi, fall in love with art, and maybe go home with a beautiful small artwork.

Love Lust & Desire
February 2 - March 5, 2010
reception February 5, 5-7 PM
A low fat alternative for your sweetheart just in time for Valentine's Day- with over 50 artists showing works that are 11 x 8 or smaller!
For more information: www.mcgowanfineart.com/lovelustdesire.html

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Studio Lighting Workshop for Fashion & Portrait by Simon Gerzina Photography 02.20.10 & 02.21.10

Simon Gerzina Photography Weekend Workshop
Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 20-21, 2010
Location: Ceaser Photography Studio, Nashua, NH
Time: 10am-6pm, both days

Registration fee for the entire weekendwill be $295 via Paypal at signup.

Attending just one of the two days will be possible on a case-by-case basis at a fee of $185 for either day - attendees booking for both days will be given scheduling preference in order to keep the group size balanced.

This workshop is essentially a combination of two workshops: "Seeing Light" and "Fashion & Beauty Master Class" putting both into a weekend session intended for both studio generalists and people focused on fashion, beauty and portraiture.
This workshop is intended for beginning to intermediate studio photographers: you should be familiar with either off-camera portable flashes or studio strobes and comfortable with using a camera in manual mode.

The session is open to attendees new to making their own light but they should understand that they'll face a steeper learning curve.

Saturday will be focusing on applying critical thinking to your lighting setups and approaches: thinking through your shots in advance, building setups one light at a time, understanding how to match tools and techniques to your desired end result - not just how to light something, but WHY you light it the way you do.

We'll also move quickly through manual metering, use of different modifiers and matching strobes with daylight. We'll be working with one live model and I expect to move through at least 4 lighting setups that every studio photographer should be comfortable with.

Sunday will be split between discussing the operational and business practices that every fashion and portrait shooter should understand and working with lighting setups specifically designed for fashion work. We'll discuss releases, working with modeling agencies, differences between types of fashion images and markets, portfolios and self-promotion and how shooting for wardrobe differs from shooting for a person.

As always, this is not a "shoot-out" - you may get some decent shots, but the point of the day is to learn something new, not buff out your portfolio on the cheap. No model releases will be exchanged and there will only be one person at a time pointing a camera at anything.

This will be first-come-first-served and we'll be keeping the group small.

Registration fee for the entire weekendwill be $295 via Paypal at signup.

Attending just one of the two days will be possible on a case-by-case basis at a fee of $185 for either day - attendees booking for both days will be given scheduling preference in order to keep the group size balanced.

All you need to bring is yourself and a camera, I'll supply the rest!

Send me an email at booking@simongerzina.com to hold your spot and get more info. Looking forward to seeing everyone!


If you would like more information from me, email info@ceaserphotography.com

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2009: The Visual Year in Review

I can't believe how quickly 2009 passed by.  I had the opportunity to photograph lots of interesting people and listen to fantastic stories and opinions; full of determination, passion, hunger and love.

Here is a slide show that, while it doesn't show every frame I shot this year, is a great capsule showing the year-in-pictures.

I simply cannot express enough how thoroughly I crave creating images.  It drives me like nothing else.  My profession, my craft, my vocation, my desire - is to be able to survive in this life by making photographs.

Thanks for looking.

Cheers to 2010!